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305 Mansfield Street,
Newtown, Wellington  (the old SPCA Building)
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Frequently Asked Questions


We know that as a responsible owner, you want to make sure your pet goes to a place where it will be happy. On this page, you may find the answers to any questions you have. If not, please email or phone us and we will gladly discuss these with you.

How to get here

Drive south down Riddiford Street, past the Hospital and McDonalds and aim for the Newtown Zoo.  As you go down Mansfield Street  (which is a continuation of Riddiford Street),  you will see the Fire Department on your right and then the Bowling Club on your left. We are down the long driveway behind the bowling club in the old SPCA building. There is usually plenty of space to turn around there.

Our pets have never been away from home. Will they be alright?

Absolutely. We are a family run business and pets that stay with us, are part of our family. We spend time with them and monitor them very carefully to check that they are happy, healthy and comfortable. Any problems, we will would contact you straight away to let you know. And sure, if you want to call us to see how your beloved pet is getting on we would love to hear from you.

If you would like photos of your pet – please look at our Extra Services page.

My pet has to have a special diet and medication twice daily. Is this going to be a problem?

No, not at all. We are quite happy to provide any pets with special dietary requirements, their own special food that you bring in, and we will make sure to administer prescribed medicines as per Veterinary instructions. You can still go on holiday knowing your pets will get the right diet and attention it needs every single day. And the best thing is, it’s all free of charge, just part of our service!

How much exercise time will my dog get?

We aim to provide as much free exercise time as we can for your dog. We run our guests early in the morning through to late in the evening. While they are at play with a paddling pool, balls and other toys, we clean their kennels, make up their beds, and of course join in with the play!

During the day the dogs in the Luxury Rooms get taken for walks on the tree-lined paths in the hills above Newtown Park. We are always mindful of their safety, so dogs will never be let off the leash.

The more exercise our guests have the better behaved they are, so it makes sense for us to provide plenty of entertainment.

What if my pet needs Veterinary attention?

We have an excellent and highly reliable local Veterinary Service available - we use the S.P.C.A. as we have developed a special relationship with them. (We are in their old building!) We will get the best help available for our guests should their health deteriorate. In the event of an emergency after hours, we are within 15 minutes of the Wellington After Hours Veterinary Clinic. If veterinary care is required, the pet owner is responsible for any fees incurred. Whilst every care is taken with all the pets in our charge we do not accept any responsibility for illness, injury or loss for any reason.


Prices are per day, and the drop off day is counted as the first day. On the pick-up day if you pick your pet up before 11am, you will not be charged for that day.

Discounts are available for long-term boarding (over 21 days). Please inquire at the time of booking.

You may pay by cash, or direct bank transfer prior to pick up. Sorry but we do not take cheques, EFTPOS or credit cards.

Please note that there is a minimum charge of $30 due to time required to fully clean the room after your cat leaves.



Our dogs are fed either dry Hills Science Diet or raw K9 Natural. Both are complete, balanced foods that are high in protein and have no starchy carbohydrates.

Our cats are fed Hills Science Diet or raw Feline Natural. Both are complete balanced foods that are high in protein and have no starchy carbohydrates.

Many owners like to bring the food their pets prefer which is fine.


The N.Z. Animal Welfare Code states that all animals entering the kennels or cattery must be vaccinated and a current vaccination certificate must be produced for each cat and dog before admission. This is to ensure that pets are protected against common illnesses.
Vaccinations should be administered at least a week before boarding.

Dogs need to be protected against:

    • Distemper
    • Canine Hepatitis
    • Parvovirus
    • Canine Kennel Cough

Cats need to be protected against:

    • Feline Enteritis
    • Feline Respiratory Disease.

Fleas/ Worms

Please ensure your pet is free from fleas or worms. This is important for the heath of all of our guests

.If we need to treat your pet for fleas/ worms we will need to charge you for this.

Can we come along and see the facility before we book?

Absolutely. We welcome anyone who wants to come and see where their pet(s) will be staying and meet the people that are going to be caring for them. Please call for an appointment.


We reserve the right to make suitable arrangements for any dog left in our care, if contact is not made by the owner or their agent by 14 days after the agreed collection date.